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Welcome to Planet Lama Motorcycle Racing

Eric 'Llamafeeder' DeWitt It is the Llamaís privilege to be involved with many friends and sponsors, some old, some new. All of them family. The economy and uncertainty hasnít helped the racing endeavors in this 2013 racing season, but we have taken the slow time to completely rebuild the JAWA 500 Speedway "Crazy Shirley" as well as finishing up the details on the Honda FT500 road racer.

Sideways Fast As we head into 2014, the team is blessed to have friends like Lowbrow Customs, the Starboyz. Rabbit, Sundance Suris, PDS Trucking, Greg Comstock only to name a few

Check in with us this season for news and results, and feel free to send money and e-mail us support or insults.