Planet Lama

Rider: Eric "Llamafeeder" DeWitt

Age: Old enough to know better
Residence: Bluffton, OH
Experience: AMA Professional Flat Track 1975 -1984
Occupation: Certified Veterinary Assistant/Planet Lama LLC
"A rumor in his own time"

Humble beginnings…

PLMR racer Llamafeeder started out at a young age, winning back to back championships in the “Gator Gallop” in New Port Richey, Florida (or was it the “Crocodile Catastrophe”… we don’t remember).

Not satisfied with resting on his laurels, and becoming bored with gator racing, LF moved to Switzerland where he rejuvenated his early racing career on “borrowed” mopeds. (Little known fact: if you take a standard moped, shave 0.25 inches of the rear skirt of the piston, you can make a 25mph moped go 60+mph…for a bit anyway…) This information would become valuable in his return to America.

LlamafeederLlamafeeder started flat tracking on the east coast, running Bultacos on local short tracks. Turning "Novice" professional in 1977, he raced short track, half mile and mile events from Delaware to California. Much of his flat track experience was in Ohio, unaware that one day he would be calling Ohio home. "Retiring" from racing in 1985, he pursued a degree in Commercial Art and then settled in Florida, opening a Custom Painting/Graphic Design studio. His wife to be, Cheryl, who is an award winning graphic designer in her own right, joined him in the business. Cheryl decided to pursue a career in Veterinary Medicine, so she and LF moved North, back to "motorcycle country" to get her graduate degree. They currently live in Ohio where Dr. Cheryl specializes in llama and alpaca medicine. LF, with the help of the StarBoyz, is looking forward to a challenging season of Speedway and SuperMoto racing…